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Terms and Conditions


 A. Reservations

Responses to requests (with mail confirmation or indication of waiting list) will be reached by e-mail within a period not exceeding 24 hours, considering the order of arrival of orders to Central Booking. Duly supported exceptions (eg special events).

All activities reservation request must be sent to specifying the following:

  • Hotel where guest wishes to engage in activity (for activities to be carried from a Collection Hotel Libertador Luxury Collection and Westin).
  • Name of activity.
  • Number of guests involved.
  • Guest(s) information: full name, age,
  • Nationality of each passenger
  • Id document (Passport #). Upon confirmation of booking, passengers Peruvian or foreign residents in Peru, should send the ID card or passport of each passenger (via mail or fax) to access the national rate.
  • Date of reservation.
  • Time of reservation for activities that correspond
    • All proposals or quotations will be valid for seven days, except for those who have a greater validity granted by the company. After this period all booking request should have a new quote.
    •  All reservations will be confirmed at the time of application (according to the availability of each activity), assigning a confirmation code.
    • For agencies and companies we will send a guaranty form to be filled. For non- credit agencies or companies we will send the deadline to make the deposit to our account.
    • Reservation shall be considered reconfirmed upon receipt of full payment according to initial confirmation terms and conditions; otherwise it shall be automatically cancelled.
    • In the event reservation is made through a travel agency that has credit with us, the agency must reconfirm with us seven (07) calendar days before arrival, otherwise we will apply penalties.


B. Minors and children

All minors must have parent or guardian’s consent to engage in any activity. Parents or guardians are obliged to sign all corresponding forms before minors can take part in any activity.

Depending on the nature of each tour discounts apply for children and students, only if it is shown, in the case of nationals, with the ID and student card and in the case of foreigners, passport or immigration. These documents must be submitted at the time of confirmation (via mail or fax) to access the respective discount.

C. Tour guides and conductors (only for travel agents and tour operators)

Tour guides/ conductors shall pay full price per activity unless otherwise established in an activity’s specific terms and conditions.

D. Payments

  • Individual guests are asked to fill in the attached letter of guaranty in order to confirm and guaranty their reservation. Afterwards the actual payment is made directly in the Hotel. In case of cancelations, modifications or no shows outside of the deadlines, there will be a charge to the credit card detailed in the letter of guaranty.
  • Regarding groups (more than 9 people), 100% payment has to be made 30 days in advance, otherwise it will be cancelled.
  • In case of groups going to Machu Picchu 100% payment is necessary 40 days in advance of the reservation. 100 days before in case of a charter.
  • Once a payment for a tour to Machu Picchu is made and a cancelation or modification occurs, there will be a penalty charge of 10% of the total price.
  • Advanced payments, please deposit corresponding amount in the following bank account:



RUC: 20104655328

Bank: Banco de Crédito del Perú

Bank Address: Calle Juan de Arona 893 San Isidro

Swift code: BCPLPEPL

Currency: US$ Dollars

Bank account number: 194-1093645-1-27


Important note: All payments must be made in USD.

Guest needs to email the deposit slip to before 3:30 P.M. on payment deadline date. However, if payment deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then guest must fax or email receipt one (01) working day BEFORE that date.

E. Policies and penalties for cancelations or modifications 

1. For Train tickets, packages or Tours to Machu Picchu

Reservations Type 10% penalty 50% penalty 100 % penalty
Individuals (from 1 to 9 passengers) From the confirmation time until 35 days* before the service From the confirmation time until 10 days* before the service From the confirmation time until less than 10 days* and No
Reservations Type 25% penalty 50% penalty 100 % penalty
Groups (from 10 to more passengers) From the confirmation time until 35 days* before the service From the confirmation time until 10 days* before the service From the confirmation time until less than 10 days* and No

* Prior to the date of service
* For return of train tickets will need the following documents: passport (via scan), proxy letter to Servicios Turísticos Paracas SAC – Venturia, authorizing act on your behalf to the railway company. These documents must be sent within 24 hours of canceled train ticket.


2. For other tours that are not Machu Picchu

Reservations Type Without penalty 50% penalty 100 % penalty
Individuals (from 1 to 9 passengers) Until 7 days* before the service Until 3 days* before the service Less than 3 days* and No Show
Groups (from 10 to more passengers) Until 10 days* before the service Until 5 days* before the service Less than 5 days* and No Show

* Prior to the date of service

 F. Cancelation due to climatic influences

The company is not responsible for any cancelations due to climatic conditions outside of our control.

These terms and conditions are general; please always verify terms and conditions of your specific activity as they may vary.


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