Lima - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Cusco - Puno - Arequipa


  • Guided tour of
    Downtown Lima
    and gastronomical experience of Peruvian cuisine in Lima’s bohemian
    Barranco District
  • Discover the wonders of
    Machu Picchu
    ; also, a great trek to
    Humantay Lagoon
    and Zip-line.
  • Scenic train ride from
    on a luxury train.
  • Mythical Lake Titicaca,
    Uros floating islands
    ; guided tour of
    , the ‘White City’, and
    Santa Catalina Monastery

Areas of Interest



Train Routes

Train Routes

Aventure & Trekking

Aventure & Trekking



Whilst this tour visits some of Peru’s top destinations, you will also see a lesser-known side of the country and its culture through the unique experiences and activities featured throughout. It begins with a gastronomic exploration of Lima, one of the world’s foodie capitals, before heading deep into the Sacred Valley. You’ll trek to the high-altitude Humantay Lagoon and zip-line through the Sacred Valley before discovering the best of Cusco. Next, the luxurious Andean Explorer Train will take you to mythical Puno and ancient Arequipa via Lake Titicaca and its islands, and the 8,000-year old paintings of the Sumbay Caves. Just some of the many highlights during this one-off journey through Peru.


Day 1:

Upon landing in Lima you’ll be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel for check-in, ready for an immersive day in the capital. This timeless city is one of the most fascinating and historic in all South America, as you’ll soon see.

The day starts with a full exploration of the city with a guided tour that takes in both its colonial past and contemporary present: Plaza de Armas and the Historical Center; panoramic view of Huaca Pucllana Ruins; the Cathedral and Government’s Palace are particular Lima highlights to look forward to. 

Arrive in Lima and City Tour

Day 2:

Lima is known as the World’s Greatest Gastronomic City, and you’ll get a taste of just why during this mouthwatering foodie tour of Barranco, a much-loved bohemian district in the capital.

Begin with a gourmet breakfast at a fantastic local restaurant, followed by a walking tour of the main square, Bridge of Sighs, MATE (De Mario Testino) and Pedro de Osma museums. Then having worked up an appetite, the Isolina Restaurant is the perfect place to stop next. This fantastic eatery celebrates traditional Peruvian cuisine across a delicious tasting menu, and is suitably atmospheric too.

Gastronomic Tour of Lima

Day 3:

From bustling Lima to the Sacred Valley via ancient Cusco, home to some of Peru’s finest architecture and archaeology.

On day 3, very early in the morning, a private vehicle will take you to Lima Airport for your flight to Cusco where you’ll be met and driven to the Sacred Valley. Along the way you will stop at the agricultural terraces of Moray, one of the most impressive ancient sites in Peru. Moray’s stepped platforms are in fact an Inca food laboratory, where each terrace replicated different weather conditions throughout the empire. That way, Inca scientists could learn what grew best during the year, to maximize their crop yields!

From Moray, next stop is the Maras Salt Mines. These spectacular hillside salt pools have not changed since Inca times, and are still used to this day. Final destination is Tambo del Inka, a beautifully hotel that also enjoys a spectacular riverside setting.

Arrive in Cusco and enter the Sacred Valley

Day 4:

Today, get ready for a day of both outdoor adventure and local Peruvian culture. First, you’ll be transferred to a tranquil lake where you can learn to kayak or SUP on the waters before tucking into an andean buffet picnic.

In the afternoon, back in the hotel take part in a special ceremony in honor of Mother Earth in the company of a local shaman and the rest of the day can be spent at leisure admiring the Sacred Valley scenery, going for a walk or enjoying the comforts of your hotel.

Kayak and Andean Ceremonies

Day 5:

Machu Picchu is considered the world’s best travel destination, an ancient wonder of the world and highlight of South America in one. Day 5 is a special day, as you take a guided tour of the great ‘Lost City’ of the Inca.

You’ll begin in style with a private train boarding at Tambo del Inka’s own platform, "Sacred Valley" train is the chosen one, followed by a scenic journey through the amazing views of the Sacred Valley to Aguas Calientes and onwards to Machu Picchu. Lunch and dinner are served onboard. Then, simply absorb the magic of Peru’s most iconic ancient site with a fascinating guided tour, before enjoying it all at your own pace with some priceless leisure time.

Machu Picchu conjures images of gold-clad Inca kings, explorers and myth, aided no end by its unmistakable mountaintop setting. Having fully admired the citadel during the day, you’ll take the train back to Tambo del Inka.

*You can ask for the itinerary with Vistadome train.

Take a tour of Machu Picchu

Day 6:

This day you’ll take to the skies with an adrenaline-packed Sacred Valley zip-line, rock climbing and rappelling tour.

Having travelled to the Andean village of Pachar, your day begins with a 400m climb up the rocky sides of Via Ferrata for some stunning aerial views, followed by a fun-filled zip-line tour between 7 elevated platforms—some up to 700m in length!

It’s an invigorating experience, and the rest of the day can be spent at leisure admiring the Sacred Valley scenery, going for a walk or enjoying the comforts of your hotel.

Exciting Outdoor Activities in the Sacred Valley

Day 7:

Day 7 takes you off the beaten path in the Sacred Valley once more, to the stunningly beautiful Humantay Lake. It’s a long journey, we are going to leave early (5 AM approx.) to enjoy a full day of exploration to reach Humantay from your hotel, roughly 4 hours by road followed by a 2 bour walk, though it’s scenic all the way and the lake itself is well worth any effort.

Humantay Lagoon is an ethereal high-altitude lagoon framed by the Andes Mountains, an emerald expanse in the most dramatic of settings 4,200m above sea level. The hike to get there will see you crossing rocky terrain over an elevation of around 500m from the starting point. And once there, you will have plenty of time to full admire this striking natural wonder before the return journey home. This evening, transfer to Cusco city.

Visit Humantay Lagoon

Day 8:

Cusco is home to some of Peru’s greatest archeological treasures, fascinating history, and atmospheric streets. This tour boasts the most representative historic and artistic monuments in Cusco city: The main square, the Cathedral, the Convent of Santo Domingo and Qorikancha, as well as the archaeological sites of Sacsayhuaman and Kenko, a stone labyrinth built to evoke the underworld deity of the Incas: the snake. Walk through this archaeological complex that the Incas used to communicate with their gods.

Enjoy an afternoon at leisure in the city or the facilities of your hotel.

Cusco City Tour and Ruins

Day 9:

From one mystical site to another, day 9 sees you travel from the Sacred Valley and Cusco to Puno, on the shores of the mythical Lake Titicaca.

The highest navigable lake in the world that straddles both Peru and Bolivia, Titicaca held spiritual status for the Inca and other ancient peoples before them and is today known for its floating reed islands, gorgeous views, and secluded monuments.

You’ll travel to Puno on the luxurious Andean Explorer Train, a scenic journey passing beautiful countryside, rolling hills, open plains and rural villages. Upon boarding, look forward to lunch, leisure time, canapes, and cocktails before a delicious evening meal.

Travel to Puno

Day 10:

Having arrived at Lake Titicaca overnight, today’s tour begins with a boat trip to the famous floating reed islands of Uros. Made from thousands of reeds tightly woven together by hand, the Uros islands offer a glimpse into the past. Lakeside communities have lived like this in their reed houses for hundreds of years, fishing and keeping safe from Spanish invaders and rival ancient clans.

It’s a fascinating visit and you’ll get to visit locals too, before continuing to Taquile Island. Here you can meet more island dwellers and local weavers before lunch and time to explore the waterside pathways, agricultural terraces and amazing Lake Titicaca views on Taquile.

Finally, boat ride back to the Andean Explorer train for an evening at leisure and onward to Arequipa.

Lake Titicaca’s Uros & Taquile Islands

Day 11:

As you continue your scenic journey from Puno to Arequipa there is a chance to stop at the incredible Sumbay Caves. Here hundreds of cave paintings offer a real glimpse into the ancient past with some dating back over 8,000 years.

The cave art of Sumbay is one of the most fascinating sites in Peru, and a perfect stop before exploring Arequipa, the ‘White City’, towards the end of your trip. Upon arrival in Arequipa enjoy some leisure time walking around this beautiful, historic town.

NOTE: On this day you have the option to extend your tour and travel to the Colca Canyon

Sumbay Caves and Arequipa

Day 12:

The final day of your wonderful Peru tour still has plenty of memorable moments to enjoy. Begin with a guided walking tour of Arequipa to take in some of the most ornate and interesting buildings in the White City. These include the beautiful Cathedral of Arequipa and Plaza de Armas, known for its incredible carved columns, archways, and historic atmosphere.

Later you will visit the magnificent Monastery of Santa Catalina. This stunning convent of alleyways, fountains and courtyards has sheltered the nuns of Arequipa for over 400 years and is a real highlight of the city.

You’ll be taken to Arequipa Airport for your flight to Lima, and onward journey home.

Tour of Arequipa, Santa Catalina Monastery, and home


Travel Tips:

  • Best season for this trip: This is a year-round tour, though rainy season in Cusco occurs during November-March.
  • Who does this trip suit? This trip is ideal for, couples, families and small groups.
  • Customizable? Yes, all of our tours are personalized to suit you, so just let your Venturia specialist know what you need!.

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